Teacher Pranks

1. Next time your teacher puts one of those boring videos on during class time. Have some fun with a universal remote! Every few minutes put the voume on mute or change the channels back and forth.
2. When a teacher leaves the room, have everyone turn every desk and chair upside down. When the teacher returns be sitting on your chairs working as if nothing had happened.
3. This prank works well with a substitute teacher, but can also work on your real teacher. You will need a couple other students to be in on the prank as well. All you have to do is, while your teacher is reading something to the class just make a quick squeaky noise. Teacher will look up, see nothing and keep reading. Then a few seconds later, someone else needs to squeak. Teacher will look up again but see nothing, keep waiting a few seconds and keep squeaking. Teacher will become annoyed but will never know where the squeaks are coming from
4. If you have time you can glue all the pens in your classroom so the lids cannot come off.
5. ***Keep writing in UPPER and lower case letters. English teachers love that!
6. put super glue on their chair
7. If (s)he assigns a paper of "less than two pages," hand in a page with just the header.
8. Unplug their computer moniter
9. Buy a universal TV remote if your school have TV in classrooms
10. while yur teacher is out of the room, cut open the cushion on their chair. put one of those whoopie cushions than inflate by themsleves in, then sew it back with thread the same color as the chair. make sure you dont pop the whoopie cushion. when yur teacher sits down, they wont know what happened!!
11. Get their eraser, and put a piece of chalk in it, so everytime they try to erase something on the board it would write.
12. Shove thumb tacks through the bottom of our teachers plastic rollaway chair. You could brely see them, but, when he sat on it, he would have tacks in his @#$!!!
13. On the school office. Get a freind and keep coming in 1 after another asking if you could go to McDonalds for lunch. Also drop a fart bomb right inside the office.
14. All you need is some hot sauce, a sandwich, and a teacher or principal with a big appetite. get the hot sauce and put it in the sandwich. make sure the sandwich is your teacher or principals favorite. leave a note and put the name of a person you hate on it, saying they made it with love. put it on your teacher or pricipals desk and wait for the scream.
15. Cover thier computer mouse laser w/ a post it, if its the ball kind take out the ball
16. Jacked up the back of his car, and placed blocks under the axle so that the rear tires were about 1/4 inch off the ground. When he tried to leave, his car didn't move. He gave up trying after a few minutes, and went back into the school to call a tow truck, during which time we removed the blocks. The tow truck driver came and checked the vehicle finding nothing wrong. Told the teacher he was daft, and he never did know why his car suddenly started working again.
17. Write penis on the board in a classroom before class. The teacher will erase it. Each day from then on, go in before class and write it again but slightly larger each time. If you manage to not get caught by then, about a week or a week and a half later the teacher will walk in expecting to read the same word but larger. Instead you will have written, "The more you rub it, the bigger it gets" :)
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