Sleep over Pranks

1. Slip an egg into the bottom of a buddy's sleeping bag just for grins.
2. Put packing bubbles (you know that stuff that keeps things from breaking that's fun to stomp on) under the toilet seat. Bavoom!
3. Try some Alka Seltzer in the toilet.
4. While your friend is sleeping carefully wedge marshmallows between each of their toes.
5. Everyone agrees to tell the host that they've been talking in their sleep. Agree on what was said. How about "I have a crush on the cafeteria lady?"
6. Stick toothpaste or shaving cream on their fingers while they sleep. Then tickle their nose.
7. When you have a friend (or a couple of friends) over, put ice down the pants of the first one that falls asleep. Or, if they are not wearing pants to bed, then put the ice down their shirt.
8. When your friend falls asleep, take his/her underwear from their bag, then stick it in cold water, and then throw it in the freezer. Then, in the morning just before they wake up, stick the now frozen underwear back in their bag!! Gee, won't they have a scare when they stick on their underwear!!
9. Put freezing cold water on your friends' face and down their shirt/pants.
10. A hidden mini tape recorder (whoops how did that get there?) would be handy when telling secrets.
11. Clear wrap under the toilet seat, nice and tight without wrinkles. So anything going in comes flying back out.
12. Slip a mini tape recorder in your pocket and record a ghost sounding voice, then play the tape, wake up your friend, and act like you're scared. I promise it will scare the heck out of them.
13. Someone waits outside the door with a mask on to scare the first person to sneak outside.
14. When your friend is sleeping on their tum, pull their pants down and put brown icing on their bum. Then pull their pants up and wake them up , saying, 'Ooh, gross -- look what you did in your pants!'
15. When your friend is asleep make a wet spot of warm water by their legs. Then soak their hand in a bucket of warm water. This is supposed to make them wet the bed. If it works, great! If not, they'll probably wake up and figure out what you were trying to get them to do. You then point to the wet spot you made earlier and tell them it worked!
16. Put a warm KitKat bar in someone's pants.
17. Get a cup of warm water and stick their hand in it and in the morning they will have a nice wet suprise in their shorts.
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